Tabletop Topiary Designs

If petite table top topiaries are the darlings of interior home decorating, then table top topiaries are the paragon of designerinteriors!  The art of topiary from the ancient Greeks still lingers and flourishes in present day interior design.  The Latin term, topiarius, means the enjoyment of ornamental gardening; so surrounding your home in designer topiaries can in a way bring historical relevance into your home.  Artful topiaries were the epitome of iconic grace in ancient Greece and the art of topiary has sustained itself through past civilizations and its’ eternal grace carries modern-day design appeal in the table top topiary.  Our table top topiaries or the topiary centerpiece easily becomes a beautiful floral jewel in any interior setting.  The portability of the table top topiary adds to its charm just like our petite table top topiaries, because either size of our designer topiaries can easily migrate from room to room and adapt and impart charm in any surrounding.  Our artificial topiaries have the proficiency to express whatever design impression you desire and the charm of a topiary centerpiece is only enhanced by the combination and variations of floral choices.  Our decadent rose and fruit topiary conveys absolute sumptuousness, because of the deep hue of the topiary with silk roses juxtaposed with the simplistic purity and freshness of the red apples.  The conical shape of our seashell topiary employs the popular 15th century France cone topiary shape and is naturalized with moss and assorted ocean seashells. The influence and graciousness of 16th and 17th century England is unmistakable in our topiary ball preserved topiaries.  Our artificial topiary with dried nigella orientalis festooned over a topiary ball and accented with spanish moss in a weathered tin base could easily sit in any crisp English cottage.  In addition, our voluptuous ivy topiary with miniature beaded fruit topiary accents and copper ribbon entwined in the silk topiary spherical shape also shows the proper charm of old world England.  Our contemporary dried, natural wheat topiary centerpiece with raffia and miniature silk topiary leaf accents captivates the beau ideal of the 21st century home.  To transform any room make sure to purchase any of our floral topiaries, seashell topiary, wheat topiary or fruit topiary.  Our captivating table top topiary is the singular decorative element that can impart exemplar old-world charm into your home!