Recently I received a very interesting question that I wanted to share with everyone:

This person is getting married later this year and will be wearing a 60 year old dress that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Her question was in reference to special ordering a wheat crown and what advice I could offer (is it practical, can it be made, will it look nice or silly)


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and thank you for emailing Southern-Charmz with your questions.  I’m a big proponent of making ones wedding unique and as true a reflection as possible upon the two individuals being married.  Regarding your question about trying to coordinate a headpiece with an antique dress, I am happy to offer some helpful points for you to consider:  

  • Always try to maintain an overall design theme for your wedding day and keep it consistent with whatever time of year your big day will take place.  That theme should be reflected in the design decor at the wedding ceremony, wedding reception, wedding party attire, invitations and of course, all the wedding floral accents.   The more consistent you can be in tying in your preferred theme and colors, the more elegant and memorable the day will become.  Every bride is looking to make an statement of elegance and a cohesive design theme is the easiest way to accomplish that desire.     
  • Your idea of incorporating dried wheat florals possibly into a crown is quite daring and original.  I am not sure of the seasonality of your wedding date, however I can see wheat floral elements being used quite elegantly in a fall wedding.  In my experience working with dried wheat florals, one thing you may need to consider is the fragility when using any dried florals of any kind.  I’ve never seen a bridal crown fashioned from dried wheat and done properly it may be stunning; however it may also be quite difficult to work with.  Dried wheat is not very flexible and can be extremely brittle.  It also may be a little itchy or scratchy on the hairline and no one wants overriding memories from their wedding about to be centered upon a negative – just positive happy memories!      
  • If you could possibly find a silk floral version of dried wheat and incorporate it into your design theme, it may prove to be a more feasible product option when constructing a more durable/comfortable bridal headpiece.  Silk flowers are much more durable and flexible and can be more readily molded around a headband or ribbon headpiece than the real, dried version of a flower.   I am not familiar with a silk version of preserved wheat, however that does not mean it may not be out there on the market and/or possibly found a an internet floral wholesalers. 
  • Another option would be to go a more traditional route and purchase a commercially made headpiece that you matches your heirloom gown and then find other unique ways to incorporate your wheat motif theme.  A wheat design motif can be embroidered into your bridal train or possibly the edging of your bridal veil.  You may even serendipitously find a fabric with a delicate and attractive wheat motif that the bridesmaids can have their dresses or stylish accompanying shoulder wrap designed from the material.   
  • The last suggestion would be the easiest:  you could incorporate dried wheat into your floral theme and incorporate it as an overall floral design accent.  You can insert the individual wheat sheaths into your wedding flower displays, your bridal bouquet, attendant bouquets and it would also be quite a lovely as a unique accent incorporated into the groomsmen’s boutonnières.  Dried wheat would also make stunning floral centerpieces at the reception on the tables and even using just one individual wheat sheath, shortened and wrapped with a delicate ribbon would be a stunning theme accent to each table place setting sitting on each plate or name card.   

Your options are endless and I am confident you’ll be successful in bringing to life your ‘design vision’ on your wedding day.  Thanks again for your email questions.  We hope our design suggestions prove to be helpful and Southern-Charmz wishes you continued success in the planning and celebration of your special day!     

With Warm Regards, 

Rhonda Magee CEO Southern-Charmz Interiors


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