The petite table top topiary is the darling of interior home decorating. The literal meaning of topiary is the pruning of plants into shapes and the art of topiaries have enjoyed an enduring history in the world of design. The old saying that everything old is new again in design, resonates highly when it comes to floral topiaries. The Greeks were the first in recorded history to give us the art of topiaries and surrounding yourself with our beautiful small topiaries, while implementing your home interior design, can easily evoke the indulgency and charm of old-world Europe. The topiary or topiary centerpiece can effortlessly impart purity and grace into any room of your home.

Portable home interior design elements like small topiaries and the petite table top topiary are exceptionally useful, because a mini topiary can be easily moved from one room to another with the seasons or to change the mood. As with all our gracious floral designs, the table top topiary and all our designer topiaries have the ability to convey whatever design mood you wish and impact each room of your home. The use of our hand painted clay pots to showcase our artificial topiaries imparts a European garden look to any room and our designer topiaries can compliment any decorating scheme. The old world influences on our artificial topiaries are unmistakable! Our floral, conical mini topiary conjures flowing French chateau gardens and the cone topiary of 15th century Versailles. Another old world topiary ball influence can be easily seen in our prim single ball hydrangea and ivy artificial topiary or elegant egg topiary. Either of these floral topiaries could easily fit in any 16th or 17th century English garden. Our contemporary designer topiary centerpiece of larksbur and nigella showcases the free form elegance of the 21st century home. Whatever your design need from hunting a wedding topiary centerpiece to home design; our eclectic artificial topiaries and graceful topiary design will delight and enhance any design need. To transform any room aesthetically, shop our entire selection of ivy topiary, moss topiary and floral topiaries. Our stunning designer topiaries can be the easiest decorative element to add graciousness and old-world charm to your home!