You can feel it, can’t you? . . . . . . The days are getting longer, the air is slightly warmer and the first glimpses of spring are starting to emerge!  Spring, with all its’ renewing treasures, is finally upon us.  Touches of green are burgeoning everywhere and with them, so do my spirits!  There’s just something about spring that makes me giddy and that’s probably a good thing; particularly since all our favorite spring holidays come roaring together this year in the month of March.  No waiting until April for Easter; the calendar fairies seemed to know our weariness over a long, colorless winter and have thus rewarded us with an accelerated spring holiday schedule.  So come quickly cele-brated holidays of spring, because we’ve got a lock on all things ‘Southern’ & ‘Charmed’  all just in time to transfix your interiors into blissful decorating reflections of S – P – R – I – N – G !    

Spring brings a renewing abundance of colors, textures and scents to enjoy.  Each vibrant color is a lush showcase of nature’s rebirth from a monochromatic winter landscape.  A captivating kaleidoscope to the senses ranging from lucky clusters of verdant clover to multi-colored Easter eggs hidden under the leaves of fragrant daffodils or scattered across green lawns.  Let’s explore the hallmarks of spring and enchant our homes to reflect its’ splendor! 

Nothing adds the welcoming touch of spring to interiors like decorative grasses or mosses.  They easily enhance any décor whether live, artificial or preserved (plants).  No matter the season, dried green mosses and artificial grasses are constant design staples in Southern Décor.  So with the renewing spirits of spring, why not improve upon this faithful design staple and decorate your home with the real thing??  Ornament a fitting homage to St. Patrick’s Day, Eastertide and Spring’s beautiful arrival by creating unique, decorative displays of living grasses, mosses and clover throughout your home.  Southerner’s are blessed with temperate climates that allow us to grow our own decorative grasses nearly year-round.   If you live outside our warmer climates where you cannot grow your own wheat-grass or mosses easily; then find yourself a good quality local florist where you can purchase them.  Live foliages of wheat-grasses, moss and clover are perfect hallmarks of any spring holiday because they imbibe color, texture and that ubiquitous wish-you-could-bottle-it-forever scent.  Cut-to-size carpets of foliage set a vivid scene that inspires drama and lushness on tablescapes and in centerpieces.   Create yourself a simplistic centerpiece of live foliage displayed in a decorative urn or dish or group smaller ceramic holders with live greens and display them as delicate spring vignettes on side-tables and other places of interest.  We showcase this decorative idea in a dried moss variety  on our Southern-Charmz website.  You can fashion live greens into dramatic, cut-to-size, natural table runners displayed across a table center for a lush, green statement to spring.  Another design alternative would be to create a slimmer table runner, down a table center, as delicate decorative balance to accompany cut-to-size placemats on which to showcase your best spring dish sets.  Just remember to place a protective coating under your live greens whenever decorating on porous furniture surfaces; especially since you will want to spritz your new designs to maintain freshness and color!  Once you’ve had your fun with your verdant ‘environmentally friendly’ table runners and placemats, then take it one step further as Easter approaches.  Enhance your wheatgrass/moss table runner’s with luminous glass votives or intersperse your freshly grown centerpiece with delightful Easter egg candles, painted ceramic eggs, silk floralsmini-topiaries and other classic Easter/spring staples.  You can create classic, subtle designs as you place your Easter decorations onto your live centerpiece-runner in an organized pattern or enjoy placing your Easter decor additions, asymmetrically, in conjunction with nature.  

Once you’ve transfixed your home interior for spring, don’t forget the finishing touch to any Southern home.  The first impression of your home is always your front door and Southerners enjoy a proud heritage of inviting verandas and distinguished doors.  An outdoor wreath design captivates the eyes, draws one’s attention up the walk and charmingly invites your guests inside.  The allure of a floral wreath design establishes your decorative style and underscores your seasonal design aspirations.  Never underestimate the power of an effectively arranged outdoor wreath.  Southern-Charmz Interiors has a wonderful outdoor wreath design collection, which we’ve made sure to include a few beguiling designs  that captivate  the essence of S-P-R-I-N-G!!!  As always, thank you for making Southern-Charmz Interiors  and Buzz on Interiors, your ultimate, one-stop shopping experience for the latest interior décor designs and the latest in southern-design trends!