We’ve made it through the first month of 2008 and have successfully stream-lined our interior décor by living ONLY with what we love, right?  SO, with the coming of February, what better timing than to find ourselves in the most romantic month of the year?  Treat yourself and your home with a few special touches of love this February.  Let the romance of Valentine’s take hold of your décor.   Sound good, sure, but how does one actually translate the feeling of love into a home interior?  It is easy, just think of different hallmarks of romance that you prefer and then expound upon them throughout your home.   The finished effect will act kind of like a delicately whispered ‘I LOVE YOU’ throughout your home, that lets all those closest to you know how very special they really are.  A hallmark of romance is ambient lighting, so introduce special touches all around the house through accent lighting to set a romantic mood.  Add various-sized candles at different accent levels to create candlelight reflections dancing around various rooms in your home.  One can NEVER have too many candles, however just remember to never leave them unattended when lit.  If you have a fireplace, take extra steps to always have supplies ready to stoke up a warm, crackling-fire and ease into that cozy, winter-getaway, romantic feeling if the occasion strikes.  Another powerful romance hallmark is fragrance.  Captivate the sense of smell by positioning enticing aromas throughout the house with displays of fresh flowers, scented candles and sweets.  The romance hallmark of touch is another valuable way to encourage cupid to strike.  Treat your furniture in various rooms with added layers of sumptuousness.  Color and fabrics help create luxurious tactile touches by adding layers of lush fabrics, soft pillows and silky throws.   I don’t know a single person who can resist a multitude of soft throws and pillows.   Consider each of these components of romance and combine them throughout your home and treat your significant other & family to the romance of February.   

The colors of romance are traditionally red, pink or white and they are all nice, however if there are other colors that you and your special someone find attractive – then treat your home to the romance of Valentines in an expanded palette of love.  Any color is romantic if you love it.  Spread whispered touches of love throughout your home by tying a delicate silk bow around a special vase or tabletop artwork.  Line up a trio of our decadent rose and fruit topiaries  and tuck green reindeer sheet moss or a few yards of tulle around the bases for added sumptuousness on a dining room or kitchen table or sideboard and consider adding a few votive candles to the arrangement.  Display various sizes of pillar candles in your favorite romantic color and place them on our of our reflective green sheet moss designer mirrors.   Cut out a heart or two from a favorite swatch of fabric and tape it to your computer monitor as a daily romantic reminder of the season.  Since flowers are a must, look at our floral topiary selections with fruit or moss or various Southern-Charmz centerpiece options like our gracious hydrangea and berry centerpiece.  If you desire the fragrance of fresh floral arrangements, consider buying a bunch of fresh florals from the market that is in a loose arrangement.  Once you get them home, divide the flowers into different containers and cluster the various vases of flowers in the center of a table or place each bloom into its’ own small container to decorate with.  Your imagination with this is limitless.  I like to look for different uses of everyday life items.  Like taking desert glasses or martini/wine glasses and turning them into decorative vases.  Fill them halfway with water and float a delicate flower in each and then decorate your whole house with these multiples of home-made centerpieces!  Consider a cluster of them on a table or create a singular line of them across a fireplace mantle or disperse them up a hidden stairway on every other step by alternating them with votive candles.  Or just spread LOVE in every sense of the word by putting a miniature floral centerpiece in every room as a delightful homage to cupid.  See how easy it can be to have romance whispered throughout your home?  Wow, with so many wonderful romantic ideas here –we may just have to contemplate designing some baby nursery decorative centerpieces to Southern-Charmz Interiors if cupid aims his arrow too effectively on our Buzz on Interiors readers!  As you get in the mood to celebrate the most romantic month of the year, you’ll amaze yourself with how easy it is to spread a little love!  Thank you for making Southern-Charmz Interiors / Buzz on Interiors your one-stop shop for all the latest interior décor designs to purchase and the latest in design trends.