Well friends the Holiday’s are almost upon us and before we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas, let us not forget the blessings of harvest time and rich traditions of Thanksgiving.  You know, November used to be such a wonderful month rife with opportunities to learn about pilgrims who bravely ventured to a new world and enjoyed prosperity by brokering peace with the Native American Indians.  November basically was a time spent celebrating our wonderful American heritage and a time of thanksgiving for our blessings.  Nowadays, the month of November along with our Thanksgiving traditions have compressed themselves into speed-bumps on the super highway to Christmas!  Advertisers and stores have all seemingly forgotten that there’s an actual American Holiday on the calendar between Halloween and Christmas!  Let us not follow suit and skip over one of the most rewarding American traditions of the year, so won’t you join us during this month to reflect upon your blessings and reap the spiritual harvest of Thanksgiving.                                                               

We receive such fantastic questions each and every month from our Buzz on Interiors readers / Southern-Charmz clientele that there would not be a more perfect opportunity at this time of Thanksgiving, for us to thank you for your shopping loyalty and patronage.  Let’s explore a few of our latest design ideas that combine autumn’s glory with various Southern-Charmz designs to enhance and restore your Thanksgiving celebration to its’ rightful place of American Holiday distinction!  Each year, fall offers us a veritable ‘cheat-sheet’ of colors and ideas with which to pattern unique autumnal holiday designs.  One of the easiest places to look for inspiration is outdoors.  Embrace the seasons by bringing the outdoor sights and smells, indoors.  It is deliciously easy to accomplish fabulous fall decorating by just showcasing your preference of autumn foliage.  Mother nature has provided endless decorating options, so search them out and enjoy decorating with just about anything you see.  Leaves, acorns, pinecones, pumpkins, gourds – they all create fantastic fall displays.  Some of the most simplistic designs can impart the strongest impressions.  Take just one type of fall offering or stay with one shade of fall color and duplicate it for a repetitive decorating display throughout your home. Another option for understated harvest elegance would be to incorporate all the cornerstones of fall foliage together, different textures and colors, to create the ultimate wow factor for you and your guests.    

One of the first places your family and friends see will be your front or back doors to your home.  Make sure they are always dressed accordingly, because they provide the first impression of your design tastes and hospitality. Southern-Charmz Interiors offers two gorgeous autumnal wreaths that will delight all who visit.  We also offer a wonderful bountiful fall harvest outdoor spray, fashioned to Colonial American customs, for those who like a more traditional harvest theme.  Once you’ve found your perfect door dressing, attach pulled grapevine around your doorway for additional front porch drama.  Tie on preserved fall leaves with natural twine or raffia to the grapevine to complete the look.  Once your front door is complete, take the outdoors inside and create niches of design interest with fresh fall foliage throughout your home.  Consider accenting your fall displays with glass votives and tea lights to set your harvest colors ablaze.  Use acorns to anchor candles in clear hurricanes or set beautiful preserved leaves on the bottom of a see-through decorative bowl before adding a smaller bowl on top to hold water and floating candles. 

Southern-Charmz Interiors also offers fabulous tabletop and large floor fruit and ivy topiaries that showcase harvests’ abundance.  Either size create a stunning stand alone fall focal point or lovely statements when displayed as a pair or grouped together at different heights on our moss covered designer mirrors.   The mirror and moss add another layer of design interest to your fall decorating.   Pull out one for two of the colors you like best in the topiaries and play up those colors with fresh fall produce or leaves in the same hue, scattered around.   For your sturdiest of fall leaves, how about writing Thanksgiving sentiments on a few of them with metallic gel pens for a great finishing touch.  You could carry that theme and use leaves with written names as place markers for seating arrangements.  Consider where your eyes alight with the most interest and carry your fall décor upward by hanging a few leaves from varying lengths of transparent thread on a chandelier or under window valences.  We also have a wonderful arched fruit floral spray that boasts the same bountiful harvest theme and would be lovely displayed over a door, mirror or fireplace.  Your imagination is pretty much the only limit to your decorating finesse.  There’s no need to jump straight from Halloween to Christmas, allow time for remembering our blessings and heritage for at least one day!  Just stay tuned, we’ll get you great decorating ideas for the Christmas Holidays with plenty of time to spare.  Have fun and let us give Thanksgiving back its’ rightful place among American Holiday traditions!  Happy Thanksgiving Buzz on Interiors readers!