It’s that time of year again, we’ve made it through the dog days of summer and finally…it’s Fall.  The sights and smells of autumn are everywhere and with it brings that wonderful harvest feeling; so embrace the season and let the Holiday decorating begin.  At Southern-Charmz Interiors, we’re constantly asked about the latest design trends and exciting seasonal decorating ideas.  Where do we get our design inspirations?  How can one best incorporate the season into a particular area at work or home?  What suggestions do we have for interesting tablescapes and/or decorating particular places of interest in a home?  Well friends, the easiest place to gather ideas is all around you.  Take a second and just look around, mother-nature has provided a beautiful ‘cheat-sheet’ of ideas and colors with which to build on.  There’s just no lack of fall decorating to be had with such an abundance of gorgeous autumn colors.  Embrace the colors of the season by bringing the outdoors inside with fresh displays of autumn leaves, twigs, pumpkins and gourds and all the other cornerstones of fall.   Use a repetitive display of just one type of fall offering for an understated harvest design or incorporate all the items on a fall tablescape for the ultimate wow factor.   Understated harvest designs and tablescapes are pre-requisites of fall decor; however the month of October brings creative decorating abandon.   A season of Jack-O-Lanterns, spooky delights and homage’s to all things that go bump in the night; October is a magical month that culminates with whimsical forays into time-honored American family traditions.  Neighborhoods practically come alive with the energetic chatter of happy children living out their ghoulish costume fantasies and catching glimpses of parents re-living theirs.  The basis for a lot of magical Halloween memories is the Holiday decorations.  I am sure you can remember to this day that special neighborhood home that was a perennial must-visit on the Trick-R-Treat List.  Can you picture it?  The one with every window lit with freshly carved pumpkin faces dancing to the candlelight as if done in precision accompaniment to accent the most terrifyingly-fun decorations throughout the yard and front walk?   Try to keep those memories fresh and then let your own imagination run wild when decorating your home this Halloween.  Have fun tapping into those childhood memories of ghosts, goblins and all things creepy.   Our spooky Sleepy Hollow wreath is a perfect Halloween decorating idea starter for your home, Halloween party or costumed Halloween ball.  Quickly becoming a best-selling Holiday design, this eerie-looking Halloween decoration looks as if it’s very own wreath making branches were cultivated from the worst wraithlike Halloween tree.  Its’ warped black branches are forged into a spooky semblance of a Halloween door wreath, like a twisted homage of haunted hospitality.  Showcase the Sleepy Hollow wreath on your door and windows.  Play off its’ austere lines to add more devilish layers of creepiness to your Halloween yard decor.  One way would be to purchase multiple wreaths and place them on top of two urns or cauldrons outside your door or flanking the front stoop area.  These urns will stand like prickly sentries and offer a dual-design function to accent whatever you put in the urn.  Break off knarled tree branches and have them coming out the top of the urn or consider placing a white pumpkins on top for a very austere color combination or traditional, orange, jack-O-lanterns on top of the wreaths for another stylish Halloween confection.   As for inside, our spooky Halloween wreath creates great centerpieces for terrifying tablescape drama.  Intersperse our Sleepy Hollow wreath with strips of orange and red tissue paper and situate it under a Halloween party punchbowl or spooky Halloween pot to mimic a blazing witches’ cauldron.  Another terrifying tablescape Halloween decorating idea would incorporate our Sleepy Hollow wreaths and use them as creepy charger-plate substitutes under dinner plates, platters of Halloween candy or bowls of Halloween treats.  As you can see, our newest Sleepy Hollow wreath is just the perfect, fore-boding accent and new essential in Halloween decorating.  These are just a few ideas to get you started on your quest to top your Halloween decoration memories of years gone by.  Happy Harvest Decorating to all our Buzz on Interior readers and/or Southern-Charmz customers!