Can you believe it is already 2-0-0-8!  Yes, it is a brand New Year and with it comes welcomed optimism and opportunities.  We’ve just enjoyed the Holidays, a time of enchantment, and so we decorated our homes to reflect the radiance of the Holiday season.  With the ringing in of a New Year also comes the daunting task of taking down all those special trimmings.  It is always a little sad to see the magic of Christmas go, but what better way to beat the ‘Post-Holiday Blues’ than to give yourself one more gift:  the gift of simplified home décor.  While taking down those decorations, go one step further and streamline your home décor too.   Clutter-free interiors may just be the perfect New Year’s resolution for a successful 2008!  One of the best ways to start fresh for the New Year is by cleansing our homes of unnecessary clutter, which in return provides invigoration in all aspects of our lives.  And while you are at it, give your office a once over too, because a bright and airy work environment coupled with your newly streamlined home décor will keep one mentally charged throughout the New Year!   

As you pack up your decorations, take store of your surroundings and envision your rooms differently before everything gets put ‘back’ in prior order.   If you are like me, many items get displaced to make room for holiday decorative displays.  Take advantage of this opportunity to treat your rooms like blank slates.  Take mental inventory of those ‘empty’ décor spaces and really see that area from a different perspective.  What do you like about it and or what would you change about it?  Does the openness make you feel energized?  Does your house or office just feel cleaner?  Does the removal of certain items actually make other existing décor focal points more interesting?  If you answered yes to any of these questions – then our New Year’s Streamline Décor Resolution is for YOU!   Always remember to live with what you love, instead of settling for living with what you have because you own it and it has to go somewhere.  A clutter-free space is usually better than a wall filled with impulsively arranged design elements.  Donate anything you do not use regularly and store items you are reluctant to part with.  If you find yourself returning to your ‘storage items’ to call things out of semi-decorating retirement; then find new, inventive ways to display them in your interior.  Another streamline décor suggestion would be to store certain décor items to showcase them later on a rotational basis.  A terrific idea we will have to delve into further in the coming months!   You will achieve two design feats in doing this: you will be maintaining a cleaner, less cluttered interior and also enjoy the luxury of hanging onto certain items in storage to bring new life to your rooms with each season change.  So if you love certain seasonal design items but don’t feel you have the interior capacity to give them their proper spatial properties in order to maintain a streamlined interior, then store them and rotate your design favorites throughout the year.   

Now let’s have fun with our newly streamlined homes and add a little flair along the way.  Southern-Charmz Interiors offers terrific seasonal design varieties, as well as, designs that are perfect for accenting a newly streamlined interior.  The clean lines of our formal layered leaf topiary and simplistic moss covered topiaries are as beautiful as they are uncluttered.  The austere lines of our contemporary grapevine topiary that is punctuated with a few silk florals, is another great streamlined item that promotes a cleaner, less fussy approach to interior decorating.  The minimalist approach to decorating is also a great way to showcase various décor items in multiples thus creating a simplistic design statement.  Consider purchasing a collection of our sheet moss designer mirrors and group one of each size on a wall or leaned on a mantle top.  Simplify a decorative shelf or tabletop with the placement of our decorative balls or moss covered cones grouped together or strategically spaced in a pattern to modernize a tablescape or wall.   Lastly, create minimalist table centerpieces by showcasing multiples of our potted topiary balls down the center of a table.  These are just a few ideas to make your newly streamlined, clutter-free interior décor fresh and updated.  Thank you for making Southern-Charmz Interiors/Buzz on Interiors your one-stop shop for all the latest interior décor designs to purchase and the latest in design trends.